Friday, August 10, 2007

Open Letter to William Moor

Hi William,

I had believed, incorrectly, that you might be S-- M--. But now I find there is a real S-- M--. She is a "real person."

Clearly, old friend, you are slipping. It used to be that there were no "real people," only you. But now, you have been superceded by a real person.

Still, her poems were much better when I thought you wrote them. That is because you are such a good poet!! But if you keep letting real people take your place, I do not know what will become of you. I tell you all this just to caution you, because matters of reputation matter.

I am going to post this letter to my blog, to publicly "out" you. This is only done for your edification, and encouragement, don't worry. Also, i'll edit this letter to protect the feelings of "real people."

Yours, caringly,


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