Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This + That

I feel like I haven't been putting enough weird, indigestible writing on this blog. Lately, it's all been nothing but advertisements of myself and friends and travelogues of Tampa. I must do better.

Today, however, will be mostly ads.

I'll be reading at Unnameable Books in Brooklyn with Ryan Daley at 8PM, Sunday the 19th. Yes, this Sunday. Please catch a bus, plane, or subway train to Brooklyn and come on by.

Joseph Mosconi now has a website for the upcoming journal Area Sneaks,; the website previews my piece in the issue.

And Mark Wallace posts a description of his encounters with LA area poets, as he's gotten to know the area; this includes the names of many people who I think are super . . . so, if you want to know super people, these are names you should know. . .

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